Everything you need!

The Bet3000 betting counter is a comprehensive, functional system for your own betting shop. It consists of durable hardware and operates with tried-and-tested bookmaking software.

Get a counter PC, receipt printer, and odds display for your shop from a single source. The Bet3000 system is reliable and user friendly. You can rely on a provider who has proven himself in the sports betting business.



  • Counter PC with up-to-date bookmaker software
  • POS monito
  • Odds display PC with live odds and results display
  • Betting card scanner
  • Scanner for checking betting slips
  • Receipt printer
  • Customer card and scanner

Bet calculation software for your betting counter

  • Master function/betting statistics: Overview of all betting slips, detailed view of each individual slip, printing of duplicates possible.
  • Master function/transaction statistics: All cash balances, canceled bets, and customer payouts are stored in the system and can be accessed at any time.
  • Digital betting coupon editor: It enables the manual entry of bets, as well as the processing of incorrectly completed betting slips. This guarantees the speedy handling of customers